Katie Sampson (wife, demigoddess, tv host)

When she enters a room, look out. She sucks up all the energy, all the light, all the attention, everything. But just when you think that she's passed you by, she turns and smiles that smile as if you were the only thing in her universe. And for that moment, you are.

For Katie, rules are to be broken, money is to be spent, childhood is wasted on children, bad classic rock is in, and her husband's family is a huge pain in the ass, particularly her father-in-law, Saul.

At 43, she wants some fun. She's in love with life and wants to stay here as long as possible. She wants to see the days close and mourn the time she will lose. She's as strong as the toughest soldier, yet vulnerable as the next, going over the edge.

Played by Maria Del Mar »